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Lukon Ovens for Thermal Treatment now Built by CeraCon

Dear customers, suppliers, and business partners,

Driven by the search for a smooth form for a succession plan, Lukon Thermal Solutions AG transfers its activities in sales and manufacturing of “equipment for thermal treatment” with immediate effect to CeraCon GmbH continue

klicken Sie hier zur CERACON Homepage=>    Link to CeraCon GmbH     www.ceracon.com  

Transfer of "Tubular Heating Elements and Appliances" business arm

Dear customers, suppliers and business partners,

Lükon Thermal Solutions AG will be transferring its "Tubular Heating Elements and Appliances" business arm to the company Backer ELC AG with effect from 1 May 2015 as part of its business succession arrangements continue

Backer ELC AG    =>   Link to Backer ELC AG     www.backerelc.ch

Flow Heaters • Inline Ovens • Horizontal Ovens • Drying Units for Lacquer • Tubular Heating Elements • Dryers • Vertical Ovens • Thermal Engineering

Lükon Thermal Solutions AG is a well-known company for production, supply, and sales of high-quality equipment for thermal treatment. From tubular heating elements to continuous-flow heaters to vertical inline ovens, everything can be supplied by Lükon.


Every ready-for-use heating system, every immersion heater, and every immersion boiling device contains at least one heating element.


Whether you are looking for a flow heater, a pre-heater for fuels, or a complete unit for industrial heat treatment, Lükon is always the right choice. Our dryers for industrial purposes are designated inline systems, available as horizontal or vertical ovens/dryers.


All electric heating units like our inline ovens, drying units for lacquer or horizontal ovens comply with the highest quality standards. Of course, this also applies to each heting element, heating coil or immersion heater. Submit your requirements for inline heating systems, pre-heaters for fuels or any kind of heating element. The more precisely you describe you process requirements, the better we can adapt our heating technology to your special needs.


We are an internationally renowned company which offers market specific and custom-oriented solutions in the fiel of electric heating devices. Many years of experience in heating technology provide the basis for the concept of every horizontal or vertical dryer as well as each single device for heat treatment.





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