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Electrical Railway Point Heaters

Transfer of "Tubular Heating Elements and Appliances" business arm

Lükon Thermal Solutions AG will be transferring its "Tubular Heating Elements and Appliances" business arm to the company Backer ELC AG with effect from 1 May 2015 continue

Backer ELC AG    =>   Link to Backer ELC AG     www.backerelc.ch

Electrical Railway Point Heaters

Snow and ice influence railway operation and often cause malfunctions. The turnout systems are very prone to these influences, and removing snow and ice requires intense efforts each winter.

Employing electric point heaters is therefore the ideal solution with regards to today’s shortage of manpower. The robust Lükon tubular heating elements are best suited for the heating of railway turnouts. 

Download des PDF  Prospekt (PDF, 652kB)