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Compact Pro

The heat you need... Heat treatment on smallest footprint

Compact Pro: Trocknen,Wärmebehandlung,einstellbare Taktzeiten,Steuerung ,stufenlos einstellbar

Compact Pro is versatile

  • Drying of high-quality components
  • Drying of protective varnishes
  • SMT adhesion methods
  • Curing of encapsulants
  • Customized heat processes

Compact Pro saves manufacturing area

  • Footprint only 1200 x 800 mm
  • Height of 2500 mm
  • Transfer height according to SMEMA
    (965 mm +/- 20 mm)

Compact Pro is flexible

  • Cycle times adjustable, minimum 20 sec per Lükon Tray
  • Temperatures adjustable from 50°C to 200°C
  • Product dimensions max. 315x65x20 mm or 280x102x20 mm
  • Fresh air fully adjustable for each zone

Compact Pro is communicative

  • Simple operation and visualization by Touch Screen
  • Electrical interfaces: SMEMA, SV -70
  • Status announcement with simple logic

Compact Pro is economical

  • Heat capacity per zone 1'500 Watt
  • Power for control and handling 500 Watt
  • Total power demand of maximum 5'000 Watt

Compact Pro is economical and reliable

  • Established and proven transport system
  • No mechanically moved parts within the process chamber
  • Low maintenance, high availability
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