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Equipment for thermal treatment

Lukon Ovens for Thermal Treatment now Built by CeraCon

Lukon Thermal Solutions AG transfers its activities in sales and manufacturing of “equipment for thermal treatment” with immediate effect to CeraCon GmbH continue

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Electric heating equipment fitting to your needs – our philosophy!

A vertical dryer or vertical oven guarantees an ideal heat transfer by means of an even air circulation in the vertical system.

The transport system of the dryer can be calculated for various products. The basis are different distances (indices) for the oven trays in the vertical drying system and different heights for the tray stacks are also possible.

In any inline oven, the customers´ products are being transported through the system by means of a conveying system. The properties of the products, the temperatures in the inline oven, and the specific process parameters are basis for the decision of the kind of transportation system.

A special segment of inline ovens are vertically operating systems. With a comparatively small footprint, the required (long) period for treatment and/or very high capacities/throughputs can be realized in vertical ovens.

Our product segment Horizontal Pro (H-Pro) holds horizontal systems which can be used for different thermal processes. In addition, horizontal ovens are very economic.

The drying systems Vertical Pro (V-Pro) and Compact Pro (C-Pro) were designed for (e.g) drying of lacquer or high value components.