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Drying cabinets

Lukon Ovens for Thermal Treatment now Built by CeraCon

Lukon Thermal Solutions AG transfers its activities in sales and manufacturing of “equipment for thermal treatment” with immediate effect to CeraCon GmbH continue

klicken Sie hier zur CERACON Homepage=>    Link to CeraCon GmbH     www.ceracon.com  

We develop and manufacture hot-air ovens and drying cabinets for thermal processes up to 650 °C for hardening, ageing, thermal stress relief, burn-in, polymerization, drying, tempering, testing, pre-heating etc. 

Our equipment is successfully being used in the manufacturing of electronic components, electric motors, watched, composite materials, glass, plastic parts, silicon parts, lacquering, powder coatings etc.


Standard products

Drying cabinets Universal Drying cabinets for clotes

Special constructions

The construction of the drying cabinets is tailor-made according to your needs:

Doors - insulated, low temperature at the outside walls
• Manual or automatic opening
• Wing doors, single or double
• Sliding door
• Lifting gate
• Second door at the backside for manual or automatic product flow

Feeding systems
• Racks
• Grating 
• Transport cart
• Rack, movable with pallet truck
• Platform wagon, manually or automatically driven
• Pallets

Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Our products offer decisive advantages:
• Exactly adapted distribution of the heat according to the requirements of the process
• Stable construction with very efficient insulation
• Long lifespan
• Low maintenance and operating cost
Some examples for customer specific solutions:

Hot air oven, two doors
Conditioned testing chambers
Drying cabinet with single swing door
Drying cabinet with single swing door and loading carrier
Hot air oven with lifting
Laboratory -Oven

Download des PDF Download Brochure (PDF, 329kB)

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