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Company History

Lükon was founded in 1941 by the scientist and pioneer Paul Lüscher. He developed a new production method for tubular heating elements. The production started with immersion heaters, cooking plates, and various heating elements. In the subsequent years, the company has grown to a strong enterprise with world-wide exportations.

Firmengebäude in 1945 - Vertikaltrockner, Vertikalofen, Trockner, Durchlaufofen, Horizontalofen, Lacktrockner, Paternoster, Wärmebehandlungsanlagen



A milestone in the history of Lükon was the invention of the "Rechaud Battery" in 1954. This hot plate storage system for the cultivated gastronomy became a world-wide recognized device and helped in the rapid growth of company Lükon.

Starting in 1969, the enterprise got another strong growth impulse by marketing electrial central heating systems.

In 1995, the development of vertical inline ovens was initiated - a success history which still continues today.

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