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Lükon Company Portrait

Firmengebäude in Täuffelen - Vertikaltrockner, Vertikalofen, Trockner, Durchlaufofen, Horizontalofen, Lacktrockner, Paternoster, Wärmebehandlungsanlagen
Lükon is a well-established internationally operating solution provider in the field of industrial heat treatment. Besides tubular heating elements and electric heating appliances, we also offer complete units for heat treatment in various sectors of industry. Our customers benefit from many years of experience which establish the basis for high-quality standard products as well as for custom-designed special constructions. For the realization, we employ most modern technologies in development and construction as well as state-of-the-art methods in production.

Our products are being used in many different sectors of industry like machine construction, automotive, chemistry, electronic production, medical technology, food industry, photovoltaic industry, production of computer processors, watch industry - just to mention a few fields of application for our products. Typical processes are: heating of solid or liquid materials as well as of gases, hardening of glues and filling materials, various drying processes, temperature stabilization for testing purposes and many more.

Several years ago, we started to focus on the development and realization of vertical inline ovens, which are predominantly used for high production volumes and longer stay periods of products in heated condition. Among the obvious advantages of vertical systems are their small footprint and the fact that loading and unloading position are next to each other. Usually, Lükon vertical ovens can be easily integrated in existing line concepts. Our range of products also indludes traditional horizontal ovens as well as special constructions for all kinds of heat treatment.

Company Lükon is located in Täuffelen at the Bieler See in Switzerland - directly in a triangle of the cities of Biel/Bienne, Bern and Neuenburg. At present, Lükon employs more than 60 highly motivated and qualified persons. The Lükon Group is in possession of large production buildings and additional ground which facilitates further expansion in the upcoming years.